General Yoga

Open to all levels, this is a classic Hatha Yoga style which may incorporate sun salutations, standing and sitting postures. 


These classes place an emphasis on correct alignment in order to develop a solid foundation for practice and progress at your level. 


The general classes require the awareness and techniques developed in the foundation level classes.

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Foundation (Beginners) Yoga

Suitable for first timers of all ages and flexibility levels.

This class offers a structured introduction to a range of yoga postures with props, breathing exercises and relaxation methods and runs on a 7-week cycle. You can begin at any week on the cycle and stay for as long or as little as you like at this level before progressing on to other classes. We recommend those new to the mat attend at least 7-10 weeks of foundation classes before entering other classes.

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Contact Izumi – 

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Restore (Relaxation) Yoga

Replenish, Rehabilitate and Restore your mind and body with this very gentle yoga experience. 

Restore yoga class is a combination of very gentle poses, which are held for longer periods with a guided meditation throughout

to lead you towards your calm, centered, relaxed Self. 

Fantastic for people who require a space to slow down, nurture self, lower anxiety levels, take a breath and RELAX.

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0428 579 721

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is a sequence of movements that aim to flow the breath with your body.


These classes can work with building strength, flexibility and connection.


This encouragement of creative and unique flow, allow you to work with the body, as you calm and declutter the mind. 

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