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Lisa Singline

Lisa is passionate about encouraging and allowing space for being, play and connection. She also loves to

create deep light-filled music that awakens.

Lisa is an original songwriter who sings from the heart and uses

acoustic guitar, ukulele, Shruti and drum to accompany her soulful reflections of place, nature and spirit. Lisa

is a Sound Healer, offering from the Shining Hearts Wellness Studio:

group music through Singing with Strings & Things, Singing As Meditation, Drum Circles and Music Workshops as well as individual sessions in Vocal Sounds and Song. Tuition in voice, ukulele or guitar are offered from her home studio in Torquay.


Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness, Reiki Level 1, Grade 3 Music Theory, Grade 6 Singing, Level 1 Vocal Sound Healing, Drumbeat Facilitation Training, Cert III in Adult Education, Cert IV in Assessment and Training Modules, 15 years of Community Music Facilitation and Teaching Artist Experience


International Institute of Complimentary Therapists, Community Music Victoria


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0430 433 909

Izumi Van Berkel

Izumi is passionate about assisting people to empower and discover their higher potentials and wellbeing. She is also passionate about healthy living and eating vibrant life-giving food. She brings this vibrancy to the yoga mat with a unique approach to teaching general, restorative and beginner classes. 


Izumi fell in love with Yoga in her native Japan way back in 2003. Her journey has continued and deepened since moving to Torquay where she completed the Diploma of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Sally Louise Yoga Studio. Her passion is to humbly assist clients to live their higher potentials through the joyful practice of yoga, meditation, Qigong and psychotherapy sessions. 


As a qualified Soul Focused Psychotherapist and Meditation Teacher, she offers a space where clients can discover, deepen and open to new possibilities. She is a qualified Yoga Meditation teacher and psychotherapist, who has practiced Qigong, Mindfulness, Hatha, Ashtanga, Restorative yoga for over 16 years with compassion and joy.

Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness Diploma of Hatha Yoga
Advanced Diploma of Hatha Yoga Certificate of Hatha Yin Yoga
Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy Reiki Level 1 and 2

Contact Izumi


0428 579 721

Anaya Grace

Anaya loves to move to the beat of a drum! It awakens something innate, ancient and alive within her. Anaya is passionate about assisting clients with their emotional, mental and physical health. A qualified teacher in Reiki, Hatha Yoga and Meditation, she offers classes and individual sessions. As a Medical Medium Psychotherapist, she has been gifted with a unique ability to tap into Energetic Surgeons that may assist you to clear and heal any blockages. Anaya is a Crystal Sound Bowl Therapist and Soul Focused Psychotherapist and all of these skills can uniquely combine within the sessions she offers.


Anaya specialises in working with Trauma, PTSD, sexual abuse, illness, weight issues, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, balance in life, relationship issues, addictions, navigating change and much more.

Individual, Couples, Group Work Sessions and Workshops are available.


Advanced Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy, Reiki Master Level, Advanced Diploma of Hatha and Yin Yoga Teaching Training, Colour Therapist, TFT therapist, works with Archetype therapy, Chakra Rebalancing, Sound Healing, Advanced Qigong student and teacher.

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0419 008 502

Sandi Dwyer

Also known as Kitty, Sandi brings her beautiful wild free spirit into her offerings as a therapist. She is passionate about loving from the heart and with her specialised modality Conscious Touch, allows this to shine through her Remedial Massage, Myotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Soul Focused Psychotherapy, Meditation and Yoga Classes. Sandi’s calm and soothing demeanour along with her diverse therapeutic skills leads you towards a place of positive change. It is up to you to embrace these opportunities for integration. This may include assisting you to: relax; heal physical pain and discomfort; alter the way you think, feel or behave; dismantle limiting beliefs or emotions; unravel the blockages to finding love and beauty within yourself; or finding Self-worth. 


Sandi also collaborates with Marise Jose bring their skills together to run day and weekend wellness retreats.

Bachelor Degree, Advanced Diploma Remedial Massage (Myotherapy), Advanced Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy, Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness, Cert IV Hypnotherapy, Advanced Diploma of Hatha Yoga Teaching

Myotherapy Association Australia
International Institute of Complimentary Therapists

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 0409 014 871

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