Healing Partners


Marise Jose

Tuesday 10am Foundation Class

Hello I’m Marise, otherwise known as Reecy. I love Yoga, Qi Gong and meditation practices that assist people to navigate what can sometimes be felt as a crazy, busy world. These practices remind us to let go of worldly values that often do not serve the greater context or good. So come and join in and get to know your self beyond the busy activity. You are welcome to begin the journey with foundation Yoga postures and the rest will unfold naturally with all the varied classes offered at Shining Hearts Studio. Look forward to meeting you so we can deepen into kindness, humility, presence and strength.



Kim Bingham

Saturday 8:30am Yoga Class (during winter months) and Counselling via appointment

Kim is a passionate, soulful, spiritual, heart based, healer, lover of life, laughter and the simple things. Yoga, travel, connection with beings and nature makes her heart sing. She's genuinely fascinated by human behaviour, a lover of science and enjoys in depth discussions questioning why, how and what!

Kim is a huge advocate of yoga and the benefits of. She knew after creating space and facilitating a yoga class for the first time, that it would be a prominent part of her future path. She intends with every class on creating a nurturing space conducive to the participants reconnecting and letting go of what no longer serves them via the breath and the flow of asanas. Allowing the participants to feel lighter, balanced, whole, grounded and at peace.

With her passion, knowledge and experience of Human Behaviour, Wellness, Spirituality, Coaching, Leadership, HR, Psychology and Business; she aims to guide, inspire and motivate Individuals and Organisations in need to transform and thrive!



Sophie Claridge

Friday 5:30pm Vinyasa Class

Hello, my name is Sophie and I love yoga! Through my learnings, I have discovered that yoga in its entirety is far more than handstands and downward dogs. I have created my business, Place of Content, with the intention to teach anyone and everyone this same lesson, whilst also creating a space to learn content that will contribute to your overall contentment.

For me yoga is a beautiful release that allows for an escape from the busy nature of life. It gives us an opportunity to disconnect from our overactive minds in order to nurture and acknowledge our true self. 

I teach Vinyasa Yoga, which helps pair dynamic movements of the body, with not only your breath, but a different theme or lesson, each class. 

I look forward to creating space for you, and joining you in your yoga journey! 


0430 741 060



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