Healing Moon

Regularly Lisa, Sandi, Anaya and Izumi team up to offer of their unique gifts with an energy experience in harmony with the Moon’s unique cyclic gifts. These sessions incorporate yoga, astrological insights, guided meditation, crystal bowl sound healing and beautiful live music and songs. Finish the session with chai or herbal tea. Gift yourself some time out to feel connected back into your being-ness.

Conscious Touch Workshops

Of the five senses, Touch is the most critical in that our lives really do depend on it. There is so much research out there now revealing the benefits of touch and the consequences of not being touched. These workshops are designed to share about three decades worth of knowledge and skill around how to use touch to help heal and benefit the lives of others mainly through the modality of massage. 

Sunday 5 January 2020, 10-5pm - $170


Contact Sandi - 0409 014 871

Events & Workshops

Earth and SPIRIT

Live Music with Lisa Singline

Akin to a (Studio) House Concert, Lisa is delighted for the opportunity to share this collection of more recent songs embodied with Earth and SPIRIT at the Shining Hearts Wellness Studio. .

As an original songwriter, Lisa shares and records her soulful reflections of place, nature and their connection with spirit. She loves to sing from the heart and mainly uses acoustic guitar and sometimes ukulele, shruti, lyre and drum to accompany her music.

Listeners can sit back, relax, enjoy a chai or herbal tea. The studio is set up for you to relax and enjoy; you can choose to sit or lay down as chairs, bolsters, blankets and cushions are all available for use.

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